How Do You Maintain Trees?

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Who is Responsible for Tree Maintenance?

Having trees and other plants on your lawn are a great investment for a variety of reasons. They add beautiful, natural elements that can easily be updated with each season. But with plants and trees comes the need for incredibly necessary maintenance, something not every homeowner has the time or energy to do. That is exactly why tree and lawn maintenance companies like Fort Worth Arborist Co. exist. We are here to provide services like tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX, to help make sure you have a beautiful lawn and healthy trees. Call us at 817-975-0180 for more information.

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Tree Care and Maintenance

Working on and maintaining your lawn care can feel like a real hassle, especially when you have several trees or shrubs on your property. But keeping with regular maintenance can have many benefits. For one, there is less chance of damage during a storm. When tree branches are trimmed back, they are less likely to cause damage to your home or roof. Trees planted in the correct location can actually help save you energy and maybe prevent the need for replacement windows, if that is something you were considering.

Caring for and maintaining trees, shrubs, and plants is good for so many reasons. Perhaps the best reason is that doing so can better your property value. A well-maintained lawn will make your home look nicer and could even increase your resale value later on.

Tree Care Maintenance Checklist

If you’re curious about how to actually maintain your trees, there is actually quite a bit you can do. It is important to follow specifications and work in moderation when using mulch, fertilizer, and water. Too much of any can actually cause more harm than good.

  • Inspect trees/shrubs: One of the biggest threats to your trees or shrubs is standing water. If there is little drainage near your home, water can quickly pond around your trees. Too much water is actually very bad for your plants. It can result in root rot and bring insects that can burrow in plants, causing damage and decay. Look for signs of damage to determine if you need to remove any plants or invest in an insect removal service.
  • Prune, prune, prune: The best way to keep healthy trees is to regularly prune them. Removing damaged or rotted branches will help protect the rest of the tree. It will also prevent damage to your home from a falling branch or tree trunk. Pruning will also help to reduce any stress to your tree from low or overhanging branches.
  • Use mulch: By using mulch, you are helping to secure the necessary organic matter trees need beneath the surface. Mulch will help conserve soil moisture, without saturating the soil. This combined with regular weeding will help create an area for your tree to thrive and grow.
  • Use fertilizer: Using fertilizer will help provide all the important nutrients your tree needs to grow tall and healthy. The right fertilizer will help to improve your trees ability to resist damage from disease, insects, and bad weather. It’s important to not over fertilize as this can have the opposite effect. Too much fertilizer, water, or mulch can actually be a bad thing.
  • Rely on Experts: The best thing you can do for your trees and lawn care is rely on experts, like anyone from Fort Worth Arborist Co.. Experts can provide necessary and correct tree care and maintenance to prevent the need for removal. They can also provide regular maintenance that will result in healthier, longer-lasting trees.

Maintaining your trees will help to keep them healthier, longer. Investing in tree trimming services will make sure that your trees and property are well maintained and protected from damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you keep a tree healthy?
    • Regularly prune branches, feed your tree with healthy fertilizer and soil, and make sure to place enough mulch around the base and roots. 
  • How can I make my tree healthy again?
    • Make sure to plant a tree in the right place, use fertilizer and mulch, water regularly, prune branches, and schedule maintenance with companies like Fort Worth Arborist Co..
  • How can you tell if a tree is healthy?
    • When there is visible growth in the trunk and in the branches. The color of the leaves is vibrant. There is no sap oozing from anywhere. If you have fruit trees, the fruit is plentiful and not lacking.
  • What causes trees to die?
    • Something that can cause trees to die is called root rot. This is when there is an excess of water at the root, which then leads to dead branches, leaves and more. Insects can burrow in trees, causing damage and decay. And then there are accidents with lawn mowers and weed wackers that can result in tree death.
  • How do you know when your tree is dying?
    • You can do something called a scratch test. This involves scratching the inner layer of a tree trunk to determine life or death. In healthy trees, the scratch will reveal green for life. In dying trees, the results will be brown or gray.
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