How Can I Maintain My Trees Year-Round?

Yearly Tree Maintenance Benefits Many Trees

How Do You Maintain a Tree?

There are a number of things that homeowners should be aware of in terms of how to treat the trees on their property. For instance, how much water does your tree need? What type of soil is best for your tree’s roots? Is your tree susceptible to drought? Each of these questions needs to be answered in order to understand how to truly maintain the trees on your property. There are a few fundamentals that should be undertaken, such as freshwater, proper soil treatment and pruning techniques to keep your trees healthy. Consider a trip to your local library in order to determine what species your tree is. Making your home landscape healthier will improve your curb appeal!

How Often Do Trees Need to Be Trimmed?

Every tree grows at a different rate. This translates to either more frequent or less frequent pruning regimens. Generally speaking, a good, gentle pruning should occur every three to five years. A certified arborist should be able to determine a timeline that will work for your particular trees. Younger trees, for instance, will need pruning more frequently than older trees. No matter what, however, the tree’s type, size, and health will impact when your trees need to be trimmed or pruned.

What Time of Year Should Trees Be Pruned?

Anytime between late fall and early spring is best for tree trimming. Before spring blooms emerge on your trees, please make sure to consult a local arborist, or go to your local library to read up on the specific techniques you should employ for your tree pruning.

Is it OK to Trim Trees in the Summer?

While the normally accepted time to trim trees in the spring, alternative accounts suggest that trimming trees during summer is another pathway. Trimming trees during the summer has been deemed to not harm trees. That stated, it is best to wait until the tree is in a dormant state after winter, before the buds swell in spring. This allows trees to maximize their energy for their progression from flowering to fruit. 

How Much Does Tree Maintenance Cost?

The minimum cost for tree maintenance is eighty dollars. The maximum accounted for the cost of tree maintenance is $1,000. Nationwide, the average cost of tree maintenance is $325. In order to understand more about the tree maintenance costs in your area of the country, ask a friend or neighbor for a referral to a reputable arborist or tree maintenance company. An investment in your home landscape will pay dividends in the future. One of the elements that can most affect your trees is fire. Receive fire blight treatment whenever you witness your trees struggling. 

Who is Responsible for Tree Maintenance?

This is an incredibly pertinent, and incredibly pesky question when a tree lies on a property line. If the branches of your neighbor’s tree hanging over your property, you may have some questions about who is responsible for the tree trimming. According to the laws in your city and state, the answer may surprise you. When homeowners purchase a home, they are required to get a property survey. This property survey will show where the property lines fall, and thereby, whose responsibility it is for tree maintenance. If the tree trunk is on your property, you will be responsible for it. Vice versa if the tree trunk is on your neighbor’s property.

Tree Maintenance in Winter

Although trees are dormant during the winter, they are not protected from wintry ice elements. Trees experience the raw harshness of winter and should be protected. Winter can be a stressful time for trees. This is particularly true for newly-planted or young trees that lack mature defense mechanisms. Mulch, water, and an anti-desiccant can help. Anti-desiccants cover leaves with a waxy coating which reduces moisture loss. This can be critical. Winter brings many different types of weather changes, including snow and ice. If you have experienced damage to your wood floors, there is water damage wood floor drying.

Tree Maintenance on Property Line

According to law, people have the right to trim branches and limbs that extend past the property line. This law only extends to tree trimming and tree cutting up to the property line. Neighbors may not trespass onto another’s neighbor’s property or destroy the tree.

Yearly Tree Maintenance Benefits Many Trees

Tree Maintenance For

There are many different species of trees, but broadly, trees fall into two different categories. Depending on which trees are on your property, you will need to administer different levels of water and soil treatment. Indeed, the origins of where the tree was originally developed will impact what kind of soil it likes, and how much water it needs. Please consult the following list to determine maintenance for different kinds of trees that may be on your property.

  • Deciduous Trees. These trees are also known as hardwoods and shed their leaves in Fall.
  • Coniferous trees. Most of these trees are evergreens. They typically have leaves that are needle-shaped.

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