Professional Arborist in Fort Worth, TX

Professional Arborist in Fort Worth, TX.

For a Professional Arborist in Fort Worth, TX, Call Fort Worth Arborist Co.

To work with the best arboricultural services company in Fort Worth, TX, look to the expert arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co.! Fort Worth Arborist Co. is a full-service tree and plant service company, who are able to service that is not only effective but can be customized to fit your particular budget. While our arborists specialize in larger scale projects for trees, we also offer a wide range of services to help maintain and keep your trees and plants healthy. The goal of Fort Worth Arborist Co. is to ensure that plants and trees are as healthy as possible so that we are able to help our community and the environment. We are able to do this by providing scientific, research-based services, as well as having a team of arborists who are certified, licensed, and insured. With over fifteen years of experience, we have the knowledge and techniques to provide exceptional services for your plants and trees. To talk with a professional arborist in Fort Worth, TX about setting up an appointment, call us at 817-975-0180. We can provide a variety of services that include

  • Soil Testing
  • Diagnosis
  • Plant Pathology: Laboratory and Microscopy Services
  • Computer Design for tree and land planning
  • Expert Witnessing
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Training and Supervision
  • Cost of Cure Reporting
  • Tree Risk Assessment and Appraisals
  • Environmental Consulting (tree, landscape, soil, ecosystems, rangeland, prairie, forestry, etc.)

We look forward to working with you and providing you with friendly and professional service that will provide you with results that keep your trees and plants in the very best shape.

Tree Services

Quality and Effective Tree Services

Quality and Effective Tree Services

Tree Services That You Can Rely On!

At Fort Worth Arborist Co. our arborists are able to provide a wide range of tree services for your home or business. Whether you need soil aeration for your tree or tree stump removal service, our professionals have the knowledge, as well as the training, to provide high-quality services. Every single service that we provide is scientific and research-based, so you can count on our tree and plants services to be as effective as possible. To talk with an arborist in Fort Worth, TX to either make an appointment or to learn more about the plant and tree services we can offer, call 817-975-0180 now.

  • Root Flare Correction Call Fort Worth Arborist Co. whenever you need root flare correction service.
  • Soil Aeration What to ensure your trees, plants, and grass get the oxygen and water? Call us for soil aeration service.
  • Storm Damage Tree Cleanup If you have storm-damaged trees that have scattered branches all over your property, call us for cleanup service and removal.
  • Tree Fertilization Tree fertilization by a professional arborist is a great way to ensure your tree is getting the nutrients it needs.
  • Tree Planting If you are wanting to plant a tree on your property but aren’t sure what kind, call us for professional advice and plating service.
  • Tree Stump Removal Get the tree stump or stumps removed from your property now by calling us for tree stump removal.
  • Vertical Mulching Vertical mulching is one of the best services that you can provide for our trees as it can ensure it gets the nutrients, water, and oxygen that it needs.

Sick Tree Help

Helping Insect Infested Trees and Plants

Helping Insect Infested Trees and Plants

Our Arborists Can Treat Plants and Trees That Are Infested with Pests and Insects.

Have you noticed dieback of branches or leaves? Or maybe premature leaf defoliation? A lot of times when we see this, it has to do with insect infestation. When your tree is infested with pests and insects, it’s because the tree is weakened. Insects and pests will never infest a plant or tree that is in good shape. Trees can become weakened due to human or environmental related stress, which can include wounding trees while pruning, herbicide damage, drought, sunscald, storm damage, and soil compaction. Insects and pests thrive on weakened and sick trees, so it’s always important to get the best healthcare and maintenance for your trees. However, if your trees or plants are already infested with borers or spider mites, call an arborist in Fort Worth, TX at 817-975-0180 for pest and insect treatment for your home or business.

Diseased Tree Diagnosis and Treatment

Diseased Tree Diagnosis and Treatment

Whether Its an Infectious Or Non-Infectious Tree Disease, We Can Diagnose and Treat It.

Because trees can survive for hundreds of years, people tend to forget they can also become sick and contract diseases. If you see discoloration in the leaves of your trees or fungus on the tree, it’s important to get in touch with an arborist at Fort Worth, TX through Fort Worth Arborist Co.. There are two reasons that a tree develops a disease, through fungus and bacteria which is considered infectious, and through lack of nutrients or weakening of the tree which we would classify as non-infectious. There are several types of diseases that can cause your tree to become sick, so it’s important to call a professional if you suspect your tree is unhealthy. Waiting too long to get help for your tree can lead to a tree dying, which will result in our arborists having to remove the tree. Through our comprehensive inspections, we will be able to diagnose the tree and determine what treatment will be best. To get a diagnosis and treatment for your diseased tree, call us at 817-975-0180!

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Pruning and Trimming Services for Your Trees and Plants

Pruning and Trimming Services for Your Trees and Plants

We Offer Pruning and Trimming Services!

If you want to be sure that your trees and plants are as healthy and beautiful as possible, it is critical to get expert pruning and trimming services. While this might be something you want to undertake, an expert arborist is really someone you should call. This is because arborists have the tools and knowledge to correctly prune and trim trees and plants, as well as follow the proper safety procedures to ensure trees, plants, human, and properties aren’t put at risk. Fortunately, the team of arborists at Fort Worth Arborist Co. are able to help! With pruning, we can decrease insect infestation, minimize disease, as well as extend the life of the tree and increase its growth.

With our trimming services, we can make sure your tree or plants look as best as possible by providing it with the best shape, as well as getting rid of twigs and branches that could hurt people and properties. With trimming and pruning, we are able to ensure your tree gets better sun exposure, improvement in appearance, and that they are structurally sound and healthy. We follow ANSI A-300 tree pruning standards to make sure that trees are safe and properly taken care of. To make an appointment to get pruning or trimming for your trees or plants, call 817-975-0180 now.

  • Shrub and Tree Removal If you need shrubs or trees removed from your property, please call us for shrub and tree removal services.
  • Tree Cabling, Bracing, & Grinding Whether your trees need bracing or cabling or you need tree stump grinding, we are the company to call.
  • Yearly Tree Maintenance The best way to keep your tree growing, healthy, and looking great is with yearly tree maintenance.

Call An Arborist at Fort Worth Arborist Co. Today!

Call An Arborist at Fort Worth Arborist Co.

Get in Touch with An Arborist Today!

Give Fort Worth Arborist Co. a call at 817-975-0180 whenever you need an arborist in Fort Worth, TX to provide you with professional and effective tree and plants services. You can feel confident in our services, as we follow rigorous safety codes, as well as having expert arborists who are members of the International Society of Arboriculture. With our experience and skills in caring for trees and plants, we are able to ensure your plants and trees are healthy, thriving, and looking wonderful. Whenever you need services for your trees and plants, get in contact with our arborists!

Arborists & Crew

Matthew Clemons

RCA #632, Oak Wilt Specialist

Mr. Clemons is an ASCA Consulting Arborist. He holds interdisciplinary degrees in Environmental Studies and Sustainability along with Spanish Modern Language and Horticultural Sciences. An ISA Certified Arborist since 2003, he has accumulated over 420 hours of continuing education units in the science and study of trees. He is principal consultant for Fort Worth Arborist Co. in Fort Worth, Texas. As a consulting arborist he is one of only about 600 members of the American Society of Consulting Arborists. A Certified Landscape Professional (CLP), achieving this designation in 2005 through the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association. He provides laboratory analysis for the concise diagnosis of plant and tree diseases as well as conducting Cornell Soil Health Assessments. He is also a Certified Oak Wilt Specialist through the Texas A&M University – Texas Forest Service, achieving this certification in 2006. His personal and professional pursuits include the preservation of historical trees in the urban setting, the reforestation of the urban environment through realistic establishment of suitable trees, and the protection of urban waterways as a result of these efforts.

Matthew is also an avid Fly-Fisherman, talented Watercolor Artist, an when he can get away you’ll find him on the slopes or on the water sailing with his family.

  • Justin “Mickey” McCollum

    ISA Professional Member #240285

    Society of Commercial Arborist, Member

  • Randall “Randy” Weeks

    Tree Services Crew Foreman